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uhm... life alone, uncommon

Today I tidied up my room, it was about time. My parents were allready regretting the fact that I decided to spend another 2 weeks with my family, it was as messy as my room before allison moved in, or even worse. I spent my entire morning tidying up, I was more productive than I have been in the last two weeks combined. Now it is clean. At least Amandi would say so, and propably also Kasi and maybe even Steffi... Yes I admit it, propably Tante Feli would not, however, it is a start, you can see the matrass again which is supposed to be my bed, also the color of the carpet.

speaking of seeing I also went to the glasses place today, because I feel that my glasses do not exactly improve my seeing skills. they tested me for 2 hours only to find out, that my glasses are still perfectly fine. yay, but maybe i should go to the eye doctor or psycologist. (they did not say psycologist, but I am sure they wanted to!) This man for sure thought I was crazy, he did not believe me that I am seeing in a wierd way. "yes, ma'am, sure we can do another test, can you discribe your problem again, well,  Ido not understand, well, lets se how we can help you" What on earth is so hard about "My glasses do not improve my view,", you are the glasses man, fix it! It not that I am crazy or imagine it, no I really did not see this chair I ran into, otherwise I would have avoided running into it, and yes I do have problems seeing these steps with my glasses on, I do not fall down or move crazy just for fun, at least not in public.

 So much about my glasses adventure. Now I am home, I found the way at the first try (I've known it for almost 20 years, but still) even with glasses on. Since I am using my sisters old bike it took ages. this bike defenetly needs some Cadolle power, but unfortunately, there is non here... well we will see how things develope.

Take care my friends, I send hugs around the world.


30.9.09 17:42

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