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stop leggins!!!

another very good article, sorry again in german...

exactly my words.... stop this stupid leggins, they are NOT sexy, they are NOT nice, they are *aaaargs* :D

I can be very proud now to have no single leggins or what? hihi...
what about a black one?^^

Steffi am 15.10.09 14:19

a new big question of love

today we talk about.... the beard :D I think generations of couples had this wonderful discussion already about the beard...

 Today we welcome a couple, Marina and Erik. 5 years together, now they are 22....
Suddenly Erik feels grown up. This is a very important step in a boys life :D to celebrate this grown up feeling he wants to have from now an a full beard. ayayayayay :D
His girlfriend Marina (I have to think about a song^^) is not very happy with this change.
But yeah thanks to psychology now you can OF COURSE search for the true meaning behind Eriks wish to have a ful beard.
And I guess in not more than 5 minutes you a so far to say that they don't want to be together anymore, there is no future for them :D

wtf??? crazy world.... he Simon, we need to discuss something ;-)


btw, a very good article for all the german-speakers:

Steffi am 15.10.09 14:14

The famous, great, amazing, long waited for, bla bla bla, STUTTGART-MEETING

Day 1 (Friday T-1)

On Friday, since we expected quite some people, we had to go shopping. So we went to our favorite super market just around the corner... This together with Sarah, who arrived already Thursday evening.
yes, shopping is still an adventure. you can get lost, you can buy nonsense-stuff, you can completely forget to buy anything because you are overwhelmed by the big variaty of toothpaste.
Life is not easy ;-)
But the good news: in the end we had everything we needed. Even early enough, so we could catch the bus to Tübingen so we could catch the train to Stuttgart mainstation so we could catch the S-Bahn to Stuttgart airport.
The mainstation-part was quite short. While running to the other platform Julia and Theresa joined us so we continued our race through the mainstation as a perfect team :D
we already decided at the mainstation that we were hungry. Ah pitty, there was not enough time to eat there^^
So at Stuttgart airport we were reeeeeaaaally hungry. Luckily we had some minutes before Agnieszkas arrival. And luckily there was a Pizza Hut where we could eat garlic bread, which was not as good as the one Isi made in winter sometimes :-)
With two pieces of garlic bread we gave Agnieszka a warm welcome. There was no polish welcome (we searched for it!!) so we had to do the explanation on our own.
As we are since Taizé veeeery unstressed and relaxed, we went to Stuttgart to visit the places where the next day everything would happen. **mission impossible-music** we were walking up and down and back and forth and checked every single square-centimeter. More or less...
Afterwards we went back to the mainstation to catch the train back to catch the bus to go home =)
Girls can be hungry all the time, so we decided to be hungry again.
A good reason to make pizza. everything was nice and joyful (the pizza was reeeeaaally good!!) and then it happened: the light went off. **here you can imagine a scary soundtrack^^**
Darkness... Panic... Screaming.... the smell of fresh blood...the sound of breaking bones... only Isi survived and could reach the door to check the electricity. (ok this part was Isi^^)
There she met her... THE DRAGON :D
Isi stood like a pillar of stone while the dragon was barking at her in a language she didn't understand (rumours say it was dragonish... or swabian)... After a while she understood with her female intuition that the dragon stole the electricity because it fell disturbed by the noises of happy innocent girls (no they were not swedish, no we didn't play werewolf...) (btw: 7 beers are 1 schnitzel^^) Well there was not even alcohol envolved. Not even music!
With diplomatic skills Isi conquered the dragon and the light went on again.
So Isi had her 5 minutes of attention, let's go back to the evening.
We continued our meal in silence and peace. We reduced our prayer to a reading (in three languages!), a short silence and a Br. Alois-prayer (and no it was not gospel freshness and it was not wellspring of jubilation and not the trusting heart)
Then we went to bed to get up very early (Isi and Julia) or quite early (Sarah, Theresa, Agnieszka and Steffi) the next morning.

Day 2 (hello Stuttgart! let's meet some strange people)

The meeting was amazing! everyone experienced the meeting in another way, we had joyful and deep moments of sharing. It was exhausting but it gave a lot. We met sooooo many people, we prayed together, we shared lunch together, we spend an afternoon in the church-cellar practising and preparing the evening prayer, working in some places, joining the bible introduction (At least some of us^^), founding the one and only english-speaking sharing group...
For the evening-prayer just check domradio and listen to a swabian Taizé-evening-prayer :-)
we can do everything (even organizing a meeting like this) except speaking standard german... (this was now the two sentences of being patriotic :D yeah it's good to be swabian gell Isi?! - uhum...)
This evening there was no need for dragon-fights. We just dropped DEAD on our beds, matresses, iso-mats.

Day 3 (see you in Poznan!)

Sunday started with the goodbye of Julia and then of Sarah. We started to decorate our wall with handprints, we ate something, we welcomed Maxie in our flat and agaaaain travelled to Stuttgart.
We (in this case everyone except Steffi who kept an eye on our wonderful village and went to celebrate her boyfriends birthday) joined a catholic mass, we went to McDonalds, we discovered the public transportation system and we said goodbye to Hanna, Elke and Agnieszka. Back in the flat. together with Roomie Dorothee, we felt the deep desire to play Carcassone (with three extensions! so it took ages!) until we went to bed around 2am.

Roomie is still here, Isis parents,too, the rooms are clean and tidied up, at the end of this week studies will start (finally something to do) and we will be very busy with being motivated students and having a life. 

Steffi and Isi am 12.10.09 21:33

fiiinally: the big question of love!!!

Baking the new question of love....

you need:

-a couple
-a problem

very easy, no? :D for today we will take a couple, two years together already, both at the university. the big love, dream: sitting together on the bench in 50 years^^ everything seems perfect... BUT:

on all his internet-profiles, his relationship-status is "single"... oh oh...
how does she know? 1. from a friend and 2. she was searching for him via google....

The answer is quite simple: She needs to talk with him, not in a aggressive, girlish, shouting way (ok this was my interpretation of "calm", but relaxed and in a nice way.

 So, but hey now you can continue asking... why is she looking for him via google?
In what time do we live, that we google our partners? :D
ahja and why do men need more freedom? is it possible that men are ashamed of a relationship they have?? hä?

jajaja the love is never easy to handle...

Steffi am 7.10.09 21:31

flat news #2

we have a micro-wave, we have a micro-wave!!!


and Isi is coming..... in some minutes... THEN we really start the project living together^^

Steffi am 7.10.09 18:44


we have a coffee-machine, we have a coffee-machine!!!
Steffi am 6.10.09 12:58

waiting and waiting

Gaaahhh, this weekend I had this great idea to have a look for the big questions of love....Party, party, they are online :D

But noooo, the one from the last Zeit is still not there -.- just great...

Ahhh how I miss this Friday-sitting-in-the-commonroom reading the Zeit, discussing veeeery long the big question of love^^

Steffi am 6.10.09 12:17

Isi am 4.10.09 11:19

tuptedup!! how to bring a non-sleeping night to a village...

So my dears, it is 2am, I just came home... with muscle pain (there are some parts hurting, I didn't know that I have muscles there which I need for jumping^^), no voice, at least 5 blue spots, my neck is hurting (viva la headbanging), and and and... but ok, this is not a complain, this is just a normal check after a concert :D
so, what happended?

Today I went (again with my best friend^^) to a christian concert. We have quite some during the year here, spreaded in the south of Germany... I am very thankful for this because in the past when I left the church, this was very often my only connection to christian community and to God. In all these years many things happened, I could discover some wonderful bands, two of my favorite ones are not existing anymore...
ok enough bla bla, back to today =)
The reason why I am a bit damaged now is this really cool dutch(!!) Ska-Band. Shouting, dancing, having a party for and with God... After one year praying with the Taizé-Songs, this was very special for me :D
For those who know the song "Our god is an awesome God": Did you ever listen to the Ska-Version? Sooo good! And singing/shouting the Tuptedup-Song with a few hundred crazy people... Wow...
Luckily the wall of death stopped with the band before... Otherwise I would be even more damaged^^

So, I would write a bit more, but it is quite late :D And I need to count now sheeps blue spots -> going to bed...

Steffi am 4.10.09 02:28

just... the normal chaos :D

Wednesday and Thursday I went with my best friend to Tübingen. The plan was.... ah actually there was no plan (who needs a plan??). But it is nice to visit our future studytown no?

So we walked and walked and walked through the old city of Tübingen... Guys I can tell you, it's wonderful! (For pictures -> Facebook or Picasa) There is no big shopping street, everything fits perfect in the old city... Well and more or less everywhere!! you can find buildings of the university :D
During our walking-through-the-city-mission we were searching a Reformhaus. (kind of a bioshop....) Very good if you don't know the city sooo good. I don't know how often we passed the same church.... In Taizé this would have never happen. Gah, life in a city is so complicated!

At the end of a veeeeery long day finally we went back to our flat. (we have a flat we have a flat we have a flat we have a flat!!!!) Slowly it really feels like "home" there.
Living for the first time alone brings a looot of adventures.
"The first cooking" Cooking itself, no problem... But: In the own flat, this is something completely different. And only for two??? My goodness, where are the pots of El Abiodh/Big Kitchen? At least to them I am used to... Luckily my best friend was there. So we cooked a wonderful gluten-free noodle soup. And we made fruit salad as a dessert.
What is by the way very good: First think and reflect very deep WHAT to cook. Then check the stock. Then go shopping. And then cook.
Well we did it more or less like this:
Go shopping - during this time: think about half of the menu - start to cook - during this time: think about the other half - figure out that you would need something from the shop - skip the idea (hey you are lazy :D ) - check the stock - cook something else, according to the stock...

It works very good but maybe I don't want to improve my impovisation-skills all the time^^


Steffi am 2.10.09 14:10

uhm... life alone, uncommon

Today I tidied up my room, it was about time. My parents were allready regretting the fact that I decided to spend another 2 weeks with my family, it was as messy as my room before allison moved in, or even worse. I spent my entire morning tidying up, I was more productive than I have been in the last two weeks combined. Now it is clean. At least Amandi would say so, and propably also Kasi and maybe even Steffi... Yes I admit it, propably Tante Feli would not, however, it is a start, you can see the matrass again which is supposed to be my bed, also the color of the carpet.

speaking of seeing I also went to the glasses place today, because I feel that my glasses do not exactly improve my seeing skills. they tested me for 2 hours only to find out, that my glasses are still perfectly fine. yay, but maybe i should go to the eye doctor or psycologist. (they did not say psycologist, but I am sure they wanted to!) This man for sure thought I was crazy, he did not believe me that I am seeing in a wierd way. "yes, ma'am, sure we can do another test, can you discribe your problem again, well,  Ido not understand, well, lets se how we can help you" What on earth is so hard about "My glasses do not improve my view,", you are the glasses man, fix it! It not that I am crazy or imagine it, no I really did not see this chair I ran into, otherwise I would have avoided running into it, and yes I do have problems seeing these steps with my glasses on, I do not fall down or move crazy just for fun, at least not in public.

 So much about my glasses adventure. Now I am home, I found the way at the first try (I've known it for almost 20 years, but still) even with glasses on. Since I am using my sisters old bike it took ages. this bike defenetly needs some Cadolle power, but unfortunately, there is non here... well we will see how things develope.

Take care my friends, I send hugs around the world.


Isi am 30.9.09 17:42

Spätzle, schwäbisch, laundry with more than 40 degrees and other disasters... or: steffi is back!

it is already two weeks ago that I left this wonderful, peaceful and relaxed hill where we had the time of our life... So let's see what happened so far.

To make it short: Not so much. To make it a bit longer: really not so much ;-)

But ok ok I will tell you what I did the whole time. When I left Taizé I felt immediately asleep. Gosh I was so tired... Some hours later, after crossing the boarder I was awake again, looked out of the window... and saw my beloved hills of the Black Forest. Home sweet home.

The first week was completely crazy because I was so lost. My mother kept an eye on me aaaall the time to make sure that I am finally back home :D I think she was even more happy about my homecoming then me. Bringing decoration-stuff to Stuttgart for the meeting, visiting our flat (we have a flat we have a flat!!!!!), going to our favorite swedish furniture-shopping-center..., going shopping, finishing the inscription for university, joining my dance-group... and in between all this i tried to get used to the real world again. There was no real „after-Taizé-hole“ where I fell in. Or maybe not yet. Maybe it will come soon (and maybe i overheard the words of it „Steffiii i will come soon“^^) I don't know. But of course I miss the daily rhythm of Taizé, the prayers, the people, the atmosphere...

The weekend between the first and the second week I spent at Sabrina's place, my best friend. We went to a Taizé-prayer and to THE youth service in Stuttgart. It is the one where I came together with my boyfriend 3,5 years ago.... oh all these memories ;-)

Now, the second week: Isi on the road!!! Yeah finally someone normal around me =) The shopping trip together with her mum and my parents was quite exhausting. „no I don't want to have Billy in white!“ „but it is such a nice color!“ „ noooo we don't need a Spätzlebrett NOW“ „no mum we can skip the kitchen-corner, we have already a kitchen in the flat!“ I think I lost more nerves on this day than in the whole last year... French week was more relaxed than this!

But ok, now we have everything, everyone is happy, the Spätzlebrett has as well a place in our kitchen... And now I can continue trying to get used to real life.


-we have a flat, we have a flat, we have a flat! With such a wonderful view!

-My mum was a bit desperate in the beginning about my „washing everything with 40 degrees in the mixed program“... The end of the story was a loooong sermon about washing what with which program and with how many degrees... life is so complicated

-I love schwäbisch Food!!! My Grandmother and my mother cooked more or less everything in this first two weeks, of course a lot of handgschabte Spätzle. A dream! For this, it is so good to be back

-If you want to have a bit of attention on your shopping-tour just behave like someone with culture-shock... express this very loud and with a lot of gestures... everyone will look at you

More? Jaja coming soon...

PS: I send a big thank-you-hug around the world... for you and you and you and you and.....

Thank you for making this year in Taizé to the time of my life :-)

Steffi am 29.9.09 00:08

back in the real world (was bisher geschah/what happened til now) Isi's (true) story

after many long discussions on Skype (yes I have skype now) and facebook (that I also have, or am on or whatever) Steffi and I decided that we need to start blogging and since we are not living together yet we also decided that maybe it is easiest if we both write something. so... yes...

From Monday to Wednesday last week my mother and I drove our VolkswagenBus packed with a bed (year 90), two chairs and a table (late 50ties) a couch/sofa(60s), desk (99), triptrap chair (88) my bag and a carton to Steffis place. So all across Germland. It was... interesting. "Isabell, maybe it is time to let me drive now"...

after nine hours we arrived, car ok, load ok, people ok. and I had my fisrt Käsespätzle. And Steffi. Which was pretty much amazing, because I was alone in Bremen the week before and started to miss my Lamba chickas quite a bit. Especially when meeting some old friends "so you really did not speak for one week, not at all?" "what is your revelation from the year in Taize" "are you a nun now?"

The flat is simply amazing, even if it is in a village where people speak everything but german. The view is breath taking and WE HAVE A FLAT, WE HAVE A FLAT E HAVE A FLAT WE HAVE A FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after unloading the table, the chairs, the couch, the desk, the bed, the other chair and my stuff, we wend to the swedish house of sharing culture. to Ikea, afterwards to mediamarkt and to real.

"maybe you would like to take the Ivar instead, or the Trond with the Wicky?"

"are you sure you do not need a spätzlebrett?"

yes, so after felt 90 hours of shopping with mothers, me, my mother, my couch, my desk, my bed, my table, my three chairs, my new Ivar, my Billy, my lamp, my labtop, the food in the fridge and the spätzle brett dropped dead(tired) and slept the fisrt night in the flat (we have a flat!!!)

on wednesday I went home, because well, there was not much left to do after the shopping marathon. right?

Now I am home. my brothers are happy about it, and my sister too, most of the time.

From time to time I fall into a post taize depression, at that point I always feel very thankful for the internet, to saty in touch. and to make sure that the past year really happened, and that it was really that rich, and that it wasn't just a dream or me imagening something.

I am doing not much, except meeting friends, today I will go see my voice teacher, because I want to audition for a choir in Tübingen. Yesterday we had guests for my mothers birthday. 3 couples who have children our age, who have known me for ages...." so, taize... nice... and now?" "theology? good you have pensionsanspruch" nothing much changed, still it is nice to be home..

I promise when I write with steffi it will be more funny and stuff, but now you have to work with what is there



Isi am 28.9.09 10:01

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