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just... the normal chaos :D

Wednesday and Thursday I went with my best friend to Tübingen. The plan was.... ah actually the... weiterlesen
2.10.09 14:10

tuptedup!! how to bring a non-sleeping night to a village...

So my dears, it is 2am, I just came home... with muscle pain (there are some parts hurting, I didn't... weiterlesen
4.10.09 02:28

Happy Brithday Elke and Hanna

 ... weiterlesen
4.10.09 11:19

waiting and waiting

Gaaahhh, this weekend I had this great idea to have a look for the big questions of love....Party, p... weiterlesen
6.10.09 12:17


we have a coffee-machine, we have a coffee-machine!!!... weiterlesen
6.10.09 12:58

flat news #2

we have a micro-wave, we have a micro-wave!!! and Isi is coming..... in some minutes... THEN we... weiterlesen
7.10.09 18:44

fiiinally: the big question of love!!!

Baking the new question of love.... you need:-a couple-a problemvery easy, no? :D for today we will ... weiterlesen
7.10.09 21:31

The famous, great, amazing, long waited for, bla bla bla, STUTTGART-MEETING

Day 1 (Friday T-1)On Friday, since we expected quite some people, we had to go shopping. So we went ... weiterlesen
12.10.09 21:33

a new big question of love

today we talk about.... the beard :D I think generations of couples had this wonderful discussion al... weiterlesen
15.10.09 14:14

stop leggins!!!

another very good article, sorry again in german... weiterlesen
15.10.09 14:19


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