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back in the real world (was bisher geschah/what happened til now) Isi's (true) story

after many long discussions on Skype (yes I have skype now) and facebook (that I also have, or am on or whatever) Steffi and I decided that we need to start blogging and since we are not living together yet we also decided that maybe it is easiest if we both write something. so... yes...

From Monday to Wednesday last week my mother and I drove our VolkswagenBus packed with a bed (year 90), two chairs and a table (late 50ties) a couch/sofa(60s), desk (99), triptrap chair (88) my bag and a carton to Steffis place. So all across Germland. It was... interesting. "Isabell, maybe it is time to let me drive now"...

after nine hours we arrived, car ok, load ok, people ok. and I had my fisrt Käsespätzle. And Steffi. Which was pretty much amazing, because I was alone in Bremen the week before and started to miss my Lamba chickas quite a bit. Especially when meeting some old friends "so you really did not speak for one week, not at all?" "what is your revelation from the year in Taize" "are you a nun now?"

The flat is simply amazing, even if it is in a village where people speak everything but german. The view is breath taking and WE HAVE A FLAT, WE HAVE A FLAT E HAVE A FLAT WE HAVE A FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after unloading the table, the chairs, the couch, the desk, the bed, the other chair and my stuff, we wend to the swedish house of sharing culture. to Ikea, afterwards to mediamarkt and to real.

"maybe you would like to take the Ivar instead, or the Trond with the Wicky?"

"are you sure you do not need a spätzlebrett?"

yes, so after felt 90 hours of shopping with mothers, me, my mother, my couch, my desk, my bed, my table, my three chairs, my new Ivar, my Billy, my lamp, my labtop, the food in the fridge and the spätzle brett dropped dead(tired) and slept the fisrt night in the flat (we have a flat!!!)

on wednesday I went home, because well, there was not much left to do after the shopping marathon. right?

Now I am home. my brothers are happy about it, and my sister too, most of the time.

From time to time I fall into a post taize depression, at that point I always feel very thankful for the internet, to saty in touch. and to make sure that the past year really happened, and that it was really that rich, and that it wasn't just a dream or me imagening something.

I am doing not much, except meeting friends, today I will go see my voice teacher, because I want to audition for a choir in Tübingen. Yesterday we had guests for my mothers birthday. 3 couples who have children our age, who have known me for ages...." so, taize... nice... and now?" "theology? good you have pensionsanspruch" nothing much changed, still it is nice to be home..

I promise when I write with steffi it will be more funny and stuff, but now you have to work with what is there



28.9.09 10:01

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amandii (28.9.09 21:52)
aha! isi bought a swedish billy-shelf!
thanks for the update, thinking about you and your life at home, sweetie! pass auf dick auf.
love, amandii

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