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Spätzle, schwäbisch, laundry with more than 40 degrees and other disasters... or: steffi is back!

it is already two weeks ago that I left this wonderful, peaceful and relaxed hill where we had the time of our life... So let's see what happened so far.

To make it short: Not so much. To make it a bit longer: really not so much ;-)

But ok ok I will tell you what I did the whole time. When I left Taizé I felt immediately asleep. Gosh I was so tired... Some hours later, after crossing the boarder I was awake again, looked out of the window... and saw my beloved hills of the Black Forest. Home sweet home.

The first week was completely crazy because I was so lost. My mother kept an eye on me aaaall the time to make sure that I am finally back home :D I think she was even more happy about my homecoming then me. Bringing decoration-stuff to Stuttgart for the meeting, visiting our flat (we have a flat we have a flat!!!!!), going to our favorite swedish furniture-shopping-center..., going shopping, finishing the inscription for university, joining my dance-group... and in between all this i tried to get used to the real world again. There was no real „after-Taizé-hole“ where I fell in. Or maybe not yet. Maybe it will come soon (and maybe i overheard the words of it „Steffiii i will come soon“^^) I don't know. But of course I miss the daily rhythm of Taizé, the prayers, the people, the atmosphere...

The weekend between the first and the second week I spent at Sabrina's place, my best friend. We went to a Taizé-prayer and to THE youth service in Stuttgart. It is the one where I came together with my boyfriend 3,5 years ago.... oh all these memories ;-)

Now, the second week: Isi on the road!!! Yeah finally someone normal around me =) The shopping trip together with her mum and my parents was quite exhausting. „no I don't want to have Billy in white!“ „but it is such a nice color!“ „ noooo we don't need a Spätzlebrett NOW“ „no mum we can skip the kitchen-corner, we have already a kitchen in the flat!“ I think I lost more nerves on this day than in the whole last year... French week was more relaxed than this!

But ok, now we have everything, everyone is happy, the Spätzlebrett has as well a place in our kitchen... And now I can continue trying to get used to real life.


-we have a flat, we have a flat, we have a flat! With such a wonderful view!

-My mum was a bit desperate in the beginning about my „washing everything with 40 degrees in the mixed program“... The end of the story was a loooong sermon about washing what with which program and with how many degrees... life is so complicated

-I love schwäbisch Food!!! My Grandmother and my mother cooked more or less everything in this first two weeks, of course a lot of handgschabte Spätzle. A dream! For this, it is so good to be back

-If you want to have a bit of attention on your shopping-tour just behave like someone with culture-shock... express this very loud and with a lot of gestures... everyone will look at you

More? Jaja coming soon...

PS: I send a big thank-you-hug around the world... for you and you and you and you and.....

Thank you for making this year in Taizé to the time of my life :-)

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