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Wednesday and Thursday I went with my best friend to Tübingen. The plan was.... ah actually there was no plan (who needs a plan??). But it is nice to visit our future studytown no?

So we walked and walked and walked through the old city of Tübingen... Guys I can tell you, it's wonderful! (For pictures -> Facebook or Picasa) There is no big shopping street, everything fits perfect in the old city... Well and more or less everywhere!! you can find buildings of the university :D
During our walking-through-the-city-mission we were searching a Reformhaus. (kind of a bioshop....) Very good if you don't know the city sooo good. I don't know how often we passed the same church.... In Taizé this would have never happen. Gah, life in a city is so complicated!

At the end of a veeeeery long day finally we went back to our flat. (we have a flat we have a flat we have a flat we have a flat!!!!) Slowly it really feels like "home" there.
Living for the first time alone brings a looot of adventures.
"The first cooking" Cooking itself, no problem... But: In the own flat, this is something completely different. And only for two??? My goodness, where are the pots of El Abiodh/Big Kitchen? At least to them I am used to... Luckily my best friend was there. So we cooked a wonderful gluten-free noodle soup. And we made fruit salad as a dessert.
What is by the way very good: First think and reflect very deep WHAT to cook. Then check the stock. Then go shopping. And then cook.
Well we did it more or less like this:
Go shopping - during this time: think about half of the menu - start to cook - during this time: think about the other half - figure out that you would need something from the shop - skip the idea (hey you are lazy :D ) - check the stock - cook something else, according to the stock...

It works very good but maybe I don't want to improve my impovisation-skills all the time^^


2.10.09 14:10

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(2.10.09 22:49)
there is no big street????????? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
see you soon my friend

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