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tuptedup!! how to bring a non-sleeping night to a village...

So my dears, it is 2am, I just came home... with muscle pain (there are some parts hurting, I didn't know that I have muscles there which I need for jumping^^), no voice, at least 5 blue spots, my neck is hurting (viva la headbanging), and and and... but ok, this is not a complain, this is just a normal check after a concert :D
so, what happended?

Today I went (again with my best friend^^) to a christian concert. We have quite some during the year here, spreaded in the south of Germany... I am very thankful for this because in the past when I left the church, this was very often my only connection to christian community and to God. In all these years many things happened, I could discover some wonderful bands, two of my favorite ones are not existing anymore...
ok enough bla bla, back to today =)
The reason why I am a bit damaged now is this really cool dutch(!!) Ska-Band. Shouting, dancing, having a party for and with God... After one year praying with the Taizé-Songs, this was very special for me :D
For those who know the song "Our god is an awesome God": Did you ever listen to the Ska-Version? Sooo good! And singing/shouting the Tuptedup-Song with a few hundred crazy people... Wow...
Luckily the wall of death stopped with the band before... Otherwise I would be even more damaged^^

So, I would write a bit more, but it is quite late :D And I need to count now sheeps blue spots -> going to bed...

4.10.09 02:28

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