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fiiinally: the big question of love!!!

Baking the new question of love....

you need:

-a couple
-a problem

very easy, no? :D for today we will take a couple, two years together already, both at the university. the big love, dream: sitting together on the bench in 50 years^^ everything seems perfect... BUT:

on all his internet-profiles, his relationship-status is "single"... oh oh...
how does she know? 1. from a friend and 2. she was searching for him via google....

The answer is quite simple: She needs to talk with him, not in a aggressive, girlish, shouting way (ok this was my interpretation of "calm", but relaxed and in a nice way.

 So, but hey now you can continue asking... why is she looking for him via google?
In what time do we live, that we google our partners? :D
ahja and why do men need more freedom? is it possible that men are ashamed of a relationship they have?? hä?

jajaja the love is never easy to handle...

7.10.09 21:31

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Denis (10.10.09 23:17)
Nice, I should really read Die Zeit more often...keep us posted about further stories like that

(15.10.09 15:06)
It's "very easy, isn't it? :D" not "no". XDDDDDDD

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