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The famous, great, amazing, long waited for, bla bla bla, STUTTGART-MEETING

Day 1 (Friday T-1)

On Friday, since we expected quite some people, we had to go shopping. So we went to our favorite super market just around the corner... This together with Sarah, who arrived already Thursday evening.
yes, shopping is still an adventure. you can get lost, you can buy nonsense-stuff, you can completely forget to buy anything because you are overwhelmed by the big variaty of toothpaste.
Life is not easy ;-)
But the good news: in the end we had everything we needed. Even early enough, so we could catch the bus to Tübingen so we could catch the train to Stuttgart mainstation so we could catch the S-Bahn to Stuttgart airport.
The mainstation-part was quite short. While running to the other platform Julia and Theresa joined us so we continued our race through the mainstation as a perfect team :D
we already decided at the mainstation that we were hungry. Ah pitty, there was not enough time to eat there^^
So at Stuttgart airport we were reeeeeaaaally hungry. Luckily we had some minutes before Agnieszkas arrival. And luckily there was a Pizza Hut where we could eat garlic bread, which was not as good as the one Isi made in winter sometimes :-)
With two pieces of garlic bread we gave Agnieszka a warm welcome. There was no polish welcome (we searched for it!!) so we had to do the explanation on our own.
As we are since Taizé veeeery unstressed and relaxed, we went to Stuttgart to visit the places where the next day everything would happen. **mission impossible-music** we were walking up and down and back and forth and checked every single square-centimeter. More or less...
Afterwards we went back to the mainstation to catch the train back to catch the bus to go home =)
Girls can be hungry all the time, so we decided to be hungry again.
A good reason to make pizza. everything was nice and joyful (the pizza was reeeeaaally good!!) and then it happened: the light went off. **here you can imagine a scary soundtrack^^**
Darkness... Panic... Screaming.... the smell of fresh blood...the sound of breaking bones... only Isi survived and could reach the door to check the electricity. (ok this part was Isi^^)
There she met her... THE DRAGON :D
Isi stood like a pillar of stone while the dragon was barking at her in a language she didn't understand (rumours say it was dragonish... or swabian)... After a while she understood with her female intuition that the dragon stole the electricity because it fell disturbed by the noises of happy innocent girls (no they were not swedish, no we didn't play werewolf...) (btw: 7 beers are 1 schnitzel^^) Well there was not even alcohol envolved. Not even music!
With diplomatic skills Isi conquered the dragon and the light went on again.
So Isi had her 5 minutes of attention, let's go back to the evening.
We continued our meal in silence and peace. We reduced our prayer to a reading (in three languages!), a short silence and a Br. Alois-prayer (and no it was not gospel freshness and it was not wellspring of jubilation and not the trusting heart)
Then we went to bed to get up very early (Isi and Julia) or quite early (Sarah, Theresa, Agnieszka and Steffi) the next morning.

Day 2 (hello Stuttgart! let's meet some strange people)

The meeting was amazing! everyone experienced the meeting in another way, we had joyful and deep moments of sharing. It was exhausting but it gave a lot. We met sooooo many people, we prayed together, we shared lunch together, we spend an afternoon in the church-cellar practising and preparing the evening prayer, working in some places, joining the bible introduction (At least some of us^^), founding the one and only english-speaking sharing group...
For the evening-prayer just check domradio and listen to a swabian Taizé-evening-prayer :-)
we can do everything (even organizing a meeting like this) except speaking standard german... (this was now the two sentences of being patriotic :D yeah it's good to be swabian gell Isi?! - uhum...)
This evening there was no need for dragon-fights. We just dropped DEAD on our beds, matresses, iso-mats.

Day 3 (see you in Poznan!)

Sunday started with the goodbye of Julia and then of Sarah. We started to decorate our wall with handprints, we ate something, we welcomed Maxie in our flat and agaaaain travelled to Stuttgart.
We (in this case everyone except Steffi who kept an eye on our wonderful village and went to celebrate her boyfriends birthday) joined a catholic mass, we went to McDonalds, we discovered the public transportation system and we said goodbye to Hanna, Elke and Agnieszka. Back in the flat. together with Roomie Dorothee, we felt the deep desire to play Carcassone (with three extensions! so it took ages!) until we went to bed around 2am.

Roomie is still here, Isis parents,too, the rooms are clean and tidied up, at the end of this week studies will start (finally something to do) and we will be very busy with being motivated students and having a life. 

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Elkje (13.10.09 18:02)
Carcassone! and I wasn't there? Damn, I thought already I should have stayed... Thanks girls for the warm welcome!!! It was amazing!

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